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2000 KVA Generator

2000 KVA Generator

OVN Trading Engineers is amongst the top providers for 2000 KVA Diesel generators and auxiliaries manufacturers in India dispersed over many Indian states including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan. With top-notch 24/7 service and a massive customer base that zealously trusts the company, OVN has always managed to hold its position as an outstanding one-stop solution for all our customers’ service and product requirements.

Generators ranging from 10 to 2500 KVA, Electrical LT/HT panels and transformers, and pumps and valves, of the highest quality, are all provided by our company. We believe in giving the customer a complete solution, where they do not need search for any other provider for their power needs once OVN gets involved.

Quality-conscious design and installation along with staff training for big organisations that wish to invest in our 400 KVA genset for sale set us apart from other vendors. Due to the wide power range and durability of our diesel generators, we are able to address various market sectors effectively.


KVA – 2000

kw – 1600

Engine BHP – 2378

Cylinder – 16

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm – 9800x2600x2850

Weight(Kg) – 18000

Why Should You Opt for Our Diesel Generators?

The Ideal One-stop Shop

Everything you will ever need for diesel generators can be found at OVN, from the genset itself to the Bulk Diesel storage tank, exhaust stack, Electrical panels and wiring, coil coolers, etc. We are dedicated to servicing the product throughout its lifespan. You can bring it back to us long after you have purchased the product, and we will ensure a timely and comprehensive service experience. You are always welcome to visit our centres for any clarifications pre-sales, during sales, and post-sales.

Great Product Range

OVN has collaborations to provide the customers with their exact requirements. We have partnered with Caterpillar to provide the latest Perkins Generators, which are one of the fastest growing generator companies in India. We also provide Greaves Cotton Gensets for this range, which prove a great economic option for customers.

World-class Products that match the most stringent quality standards

All our diesel generators are known to perform exquisitely under a wide variety of conditions. We take compliance with noise and emission standards very seriously, and our diesel generators perform at the highest degree of excellence. Our team does not compromise on the integrity of the services provided or the quality of the products we sell.

Low Running Costs and Quick Response to Step-Load

OVN provides some of the most efficient diesel generators in the market. The amount of fuel used is minimal, and the running cost is low as well. Since our generators go through rigorous tests, we can confidently state that these diesel generators have a first-rate response to jerk loads or step-loads.

Control at your fingertips

We can provide customers with live power usage data straight to their computers. This is a great way to find out when you load increases and due to what, which gives a great solution for people and industries looking to reduce their electricity consumption and utility bills.

Browse our extensive range, and for more queries, talk to our experts!

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Our customers focused approach makes sure we give the best 24×7 service, which is unmatched in the industry. This approach lets our customers focus on their work without having to worry about their power backup needs.

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