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In this day and age, we need power constantly, whether it is to keep the lights on or run machinery in our factories or to run computers in our offices. If the power is not there even for an hour, we lose money in lost productivity or inconvenience people in need of power. Diesel generators provide the best source of alternative power even in remote locations and during emergency situations such as festive gathering or out-of-town promotional events. 

At OVN we make sure you never experience a lack of power by providing the best generator service to make sure your generators run every time you need them. Our preventative maintenance works like clockwork and makes sure your generator runs automatically when your power goes off. In case of a breakdown, our team reaches the site within 4 hours*. A complete and comprehensive checkup by skilled engineers ensures your power is always there for you. 

Our competitively-priced AMCs, Parts, Oil and Batteries make sure that customers do not need to look elsewhere for their generator service requirements. OEMs tend to charge very high prices on parts and oil. At OVN our customer-focused approach has led us to give our customers the best parts and service at great and unbeatable prices. For the best generator repair in Delhi contact us as OVN is renowned for its high-quality products and unbeatable service. 

All our major repair jobs are carried out in our in house workshop. No competitor offers a complete generator workshop in North India.

OVN’s Workshop is located in Mangolpuri, New Delhi, and has both mechanical and electrical repair machines and tools. OVN also has in house component repair which is commonly outsourced at our competitors. This is done to make sure high quality is maintained. The workshop is specialized for Generator Overhauling, Alternator Maintenance, and other problems that cannot be solved at the site. Top Overhauls of Generators are done at the site, but the Generators need to be shifted to the workshop for Major Overhauls. We receive generators from around the country for Major Overhauls and Alternator Overhauls due to our great pricing and quality. OVN even Overhauls Generators from many telecom companies, factories, and construction companies. The generators require an overhaul if they have been used for more than 4,000 hours or have continuous problems in running. It is much more economical to get your Generator Overhauled by OVN vs buying a new generator. OVN also does canopy repair of old canopies to make sure the Generator and Alternator remain protected and sound insulation is proper.

24 x 7 Service Support

Engineers are on call 24 x 7 making sure your generator problems are solved even on holidays or late at night. This reduces your downtime drastically.

Fast Response Times

With industry beating response times we make sure your Generators are up and running very fast in case of a failure. This kind of generator service in delhi helps you keep up with the demands of the industry and experience high-quality service from us.

Great Value for

Lower cost compared to Manufacturer Service Dealers due to direct purchase of spares from Component Manufacturers and directly imported parts

High Quality Parts

Parts sourced from

Federal Mogul (supplier to Cummins, Mercedes, BMW)

Oil is sourced from Petronas ($100 Billion Oil and Gas Company)

Exide batteries


How often should a Generator be serviced?

A generator service in Delhi should take place at least once a year by professional and also oil must be changed during that time. It is also advisable to check the working of the generator by conducting a proper inspection after every two months. Change of oil must be done after every 300-500 hours or within 1 yearto improve the reliability of your generators. Air filters must be changed once a year to ensure proper functioning. These measures must be taken on time in order to make sure that your generator repairs in Delhi are done on time and it functions in effective manner.

Do you need to service a generator when running hours are less?

Yes, you need to service generator even when the running hours are less. This is because your diesel generator maintenance in Delhi is required so that it is in proper working condition in order to perform effectively. Performing all the maintenance related tasks on your generator should be done on a regular basis. Due to running less, chances if failure increase as oil is not lubricating the internal surfaces. For better service facility, always trust the best generator service company in Delhi.

When does a Generator need a major overhaul?

Your generator needs overhaul after 6,000 hours of running or when certain symptoms are experienced by it. These symptoms include:

  • To make sure whether the consumption is high or not, check the oil consumption ratio to its fuel consumption. If the consumption is high, your generator may need an overhaul.
  • Diesel Generator might not take load due to worn out components.
  • When the Generator is giving excess black smoke or is consuming excess diesel.

Hence when any of the above symptoms is encountered with, go to professional generator dealer in Delhi to get the required help.

How do you maintain a diesel generator?

Your diesel generator needs proper maintenance in order to function properly. One must follow their maintenance schedule to make sure it receives the proper care. Diesel Generator maintenance in Delhi must be undertaken by taking following steps. These include:

  • Make sure it is well lubricated. Keep the oil level near to the full mark as much possible with the same quality of oil always.
  • Keep check on every important part. Try to inspect them after every 2 months to look for any damage or leakage. Look for any diesel generator repairs in Delhi so that you are prepared.
  • Keep a check on batteries. Make sure that they are in proper condition. Otherwise a weak battery can result into power system failure.
  • Keep switching the generator on once every month on load to make sure the generator is operating normally.

How much does it cost to service a generator?

Generators play an important role in case of power failures or some natural calamity. They are extremely helpful.  Hence, it is important to see that diesel generator maintenance in Delhi is in proper condition. However, one must also be fully aware with the cost involved in its servicing. The cost varies from generator to generator and also it depends upon the generator companies as well. However, it is expensive for large and complicated generators; on the other hand, smaller and less powerful generators are less likely to cost a lot.  Contact us for generator repair cost in Delhi.

What to do when a generator is giving a lot of smoke?

It is okay for the generator to give a few seconds after running and it turns into transparent emission. But if your generator generates blue, black and white smoke, you need to pay attention and get it checked from the best generator repair services in Delhi. The way smoke can be handled are:

For resolving such issues, one must trust OVN for generator maintenance in Delhi.

How often should I change my generator oil?

If your generator stops working, one must check the oil first. It is important to change the oil from time to time so that your generator is properly maintained. It is advisable that one must change oil after every 300-500 hours of use. Let the generator cool before changing the oil. Even if the generator is not used for continuous period, it still needs oil change regularly. One can get the oil change from generator maintenance services in Delhi.  One must also consult the generator repair services in Delhi on the type of oil as well.

What is the difference between prime and standby generators?

A prime generator is the one that is used for continuous electricity supply such as electricity for domestic purposes, production purposes, etc. Prime generators usually generate huge capacity and is used for continuous and regular basis. Whereas the standby generator as very evident from the name are used as backup generator. They are used in case of emergencies such as power failure or any other reason for which supply is interrupted when the power supplied from the main is cut off. A standby generator is supposed to only run 200-300 hours a year and will have a lower capacity to prime generators. One must get these generators service in Delhi regularly for better functioning and also look for generator repairs in Delhi from time to time.

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