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Ranked among the best solar solutions providers in the country, OVN stands out in the market with high quality panels, inverters, wires, and specialised installation team that not only designs the projects but executes the project within the customer time frame. We supply, install, maintain and service solar systems and solar panels in Delhi NCR. 

​We provide the best rooftop solar panels and solutions for your requirements, from the most hi tech to the most cost effective, we cater to every requirement. As a solar panel dealer, we also provide solar panels to other installation companies. OVN guarantees the best quality products and service that you can rely on 24/7.

Rooftop solar systems will soon be mandatory throughout India and the world and OVN would like to be at the forefront of this change and help reduce climate change. 

OVN wants the world to become a better place for everyone to live in and shares the same eco friendly mentality as you, that’s why we want more houses, offices, industries to run on solar, in the process we want to become a top rooftop solar system and solar panel dealer.

We believe that if we can harness electricity from the Sun, drastically cut down the cost of electricity while helping the environment then why not opt for Solar power! Our customers have the option of attaching a battery to the inverter so that they don’t have to rely on the electrical grid and never have to face power cut.

OVN Trading Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with Tata Power Solar, India’s largest integrated solar company that is driven by the singular vision – harness the power of sun to enable solar everywhere. We provide solar grid-tie rooftop solutions for your Homes and Business from 5 KVA to 500 KVA based on your requirement.

Tata Solar modules guarantee consistent quality : 25 year experience with field returns of less than 0.07%. With 840 MW of modules shipped globally in the past 20 years, our modules power some of the biggest industry and utility scale projects in North America and Europe.


25 year Warranty backed by Tata Power Solar


Reduced risk of faliure - lowest warranty returns in entire industry globally


Enhanced resistance to moisture ingress with unique back sheet design


Earn from your idle rooftop space and Reap accelerated depreciation benefits

Our Projects

OVN performs the Site Evaluation, System Design, Procurement and finally to Timely Execution of the Projects as per Customer Requirements

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Our customers focused approach makes sure we give the best 24×7 service, which is unmatched in the industry. This approach lets our customers focus on their work without having to worry about their power backup needs.

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