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Water Pumps

Trading Engineers is the authorised Distributor of Wilo, Mather and Platt pumps. We sell pumps for Pressure Boosting, Drainage, Sewage, Dewatering, Water Treatment, Fire Fighting, Hot Water Circulation, HVAC applications, etc. These pumps are highly efficient german pumps from one of the leading manufacturers of pumps in the world.

Screw Pumps

Trading Engineers is the authorised channel partner for Rotomac Screw Pumps.
ROTOMAC PUMPS, with its head office located in KANPUR,INDIA, is one of the leading manufacturer of API 676 compliant progressive cavity pumps in India, providing and developing pumping solution for delivering low to highly viscous, aggressive and abrasive media.

The Screw Pumps are used in Water Treatment, Sugar Mills, Breweries, Agriculture, Paint, Pharma, Construction, Paper Industries etc.


Trading Engineers is the Authorized Distributor of CRI Valves

CRI a Leading pumps & valve manufacturer for various applications.


The Trading Engineers Team is renowned not only for timely installation of projects but for the completion of challenging and technically demanding projects that involve customisation and fabrication of components and shells.

Building Services Residential

Pressure Boosters

Water Transfer

Drainage , Sewage and Dewatering

Hot Water Circulation

Water Management

Clear Water

 Waste Water

Sewage Handling


Building Services Commercial

Pressure Boosting System

Fire Fighting

 Heating , Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Waste Water, Sewage, and Utility Services

Industrial Requirement

Chemical Process

Chiller Application

Industrial Washing Machine

RO Plant & Auto Testing Machine

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