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Synchronizing Panel

A synchronizing panel is required when there are more than 1 Generators in an installation. The panel acts when the electrical mains fail, it calculates the load required by the facility, then switches on the generators as required. It then synchronises the gensets with each other and balances the facilities load between them. This is after a delay period that is adjustable. The generators will take an initial warm-up period after which it will synchronize with each other. This warm-up period is also adjustable as per requirement.

The synchronization occurs by means of motorized circuit breakers on a common busbar. Once this is done the motorized switch will

be closed. Now, the load is connected to the main distribution panel. The load is continuously monitored by the panel to make sure the load is shared between the sets. You can get high-quality generator synchronization panel in Delhi as per your requirement from OVN.

As the load is required, one or two generators in the grid will be shut down during a low demand period. If the demand rises again, the second and possibly third generator will be started and synchronized. They will then get reconnected to the load. If the AMF control unit detects that the main supply is back, an independent observation panel gets activated before the main supply is reconnected. This is followed by a cool down period.After this, the generators will be shut down.

Features of the panel

You can order your generator panel from the distributor as per your requirement. The main features of the panel are:

  • Load sharing and load shedding functions.
  • Synchronisation with the grid, other generators and solar panels.
  • Control functions are made available for warm-up and cool-down periods, engine monitoring, Multi attempt engine start, emergency shutdown, and test runs for the engine.
  • As per the need, it is designed as 3-pole or 4-pole.
  • Protection class up to IP 54.
  • Automatic and manual synchronizing.
  • Up to 6000A rating.

You can get the best diesel generator synchronization panel in Delhi as per your requirement from us.

OVN provides Synchronizing Panels for new installations or to modernise existing installations. The panels can be customised as per customer and site requirements.

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