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Shellmax Global 

Shellmax Global boilers are fully packaged, smoke tube, three pass, oil/gas fired boilers. Water Boilers are conceptualised keeping in mind best in class efficiency, global standards, low cost of ownership and world class aesthetic. The unique patented design of heat recovery unit offers best in class efficiency and fuel flexibility. We provide PLC based IoT compatible smart controller as a standard offering.

Salient Features

Three-pass smoke tube with fully wet back boiler

Multi-fuel option – oil/gas

High efficiency upto 95% with Effimizer

Standard Capacities

1000 to 6000 kg/hr

Standard design pressure: 10.54 & 17.5 kg/cmÇ


Revomax is a versatile, fully automatic, instant steam generating range of boilers designed for safe and reliable operations. Easy to install and commission, Hot Water Boilers are timetested boilers requires low maintenance.

Salient Features

Efficiency upto 88% on NCV

Reverse flame technology

Unique patented membrane design

Built-in heat recovery device

Easy access to all parts requiring maintenance

Multi-fuel option – oil/gas

Standard Capacities

From 200 to 850 kg/hr

Standard design pressure: 10.54 & 17.5 kg/cmÇ


Steamatic is a highly reliable, packaged instant steam generator suitable for steam requirements in laundries and canteens. Steamatic is a compact, hassle-free alternative to expensive electrical systems in reducing operating costs.

Salient Features

Instant steam generator

Low cost alternative to electrical systems for laundries, canteens, etc.

Skid mounted and packaged heating unit with mono – block burner

Multi-fuel option – light oil/gas

High efficiency of about 88%

Safe and reliable operation

Standard Capacities

Capacities: 50 kg/hr & 100 kg/hr

Design pressure: 10.5 kg/cmÇ

Thermeon UFS

Thermeon UFS is an ultra compact, multi-fuel boiler with highest efficiency and smart controller. It works on the principle of gasification.

Salient Features

Highest combustion efficiency

Silent combustion technology

No ingress of air in furnace

Lower emission

Automatic fuel feeding and ash removal

Fuel flexibility-coal, wood, biomass briquettes

Ease of operation

Minimum manual intervention

Standard Capacities

Capacities: 500 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr

Design pressure: 7 & 10.54 kg/cmÇ

We also provide our users with boiler water treatment chemicals.

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