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We realize how important electric power is to us. Almost everything around us runs on electricity so that a power outage will put a complete stop to our work. This is true in both the office and the home. That is why we need a reliable standby power solution. We supply diesel generators with capacities from 400 KVA to 3000 KVA with modern electronic engines and competitive pricing.

Use Qualified Technicians during Installation
It is important to use our certified staff for the installation procedure. They check for complete safety and compliance of ground conditions for operational efficiency. We give you a complete solution for standby or prime power generator service in Faridabad. We cover everything, so you need not run around for other things like batteries or an installation team.

Doing Diesel Generator Maintenance
In case, you do not maintain the generator well; it is susceptible to failure. This will lead to more maintenance costs. To avoid such a happening, here is the way we do it.

Schedule Calendar Cycle Maintenance
This is a weekly, monthly, or quarterly cycle of events to check on recommendations, applications, and operational behaviour. These are routine processes.

Inspections during Operations
Critical operations need 100% monitoring during operations. These take place round-the-clock.

Layup Procedure
When a generator is not in use, we place it in a layup. We choose a suitable enclosure – Skid, Weather tight, or Portable – for the layup. Other than this, there is a cycle of visual inspections we do. Use of planned maintenance charts record the condition of the generator components and accessories and tell us when we need to do something. All this goes to prove that we are the best generator repair services in Faridabad.

Diesel Generator Repairs
Repairing your old generator will save you the cost of investing in a new one. Our team of technicians will rebuild the engine and bring your old generator back to ISO standards of performance. Here is a list of things you can avail of:

  • Engine refurbishment service
  • Upgrades for cooling systems
  • Alternator refurbishment
  • Upgrades for fuel system
  • Renewing control panels
  • Acoustic upgrade service

Regular maintenance routines of generators will allow you to avoid problems such as starting trouble. It is usually due to clogged fuel filter or because of old, contaminated fuel.

Other checks
Another reason could be that the starting batteries are dead or do not have enough charge. Leaving the generator start switch in off position instead of auto will also lead to problems. You can avoid other usual problems through a visual check of these things:

  • Fuel water separator – This separates water contaminating the fuel.
  • Air restriction indicator – It shows when the air restriction is greater than normal. Change in colour to red means it is time to change the filter.
  • Dipstick check – On inserting dipstick in oil, we see a milky colour. This means coolant has leaked into the engine lubricating oil. This happens when you have higher coolant pressure than oil pressure.
  • Oil in coolant – This can also happen. It happens due to a defective engine block or cylinder head gasket.
  • Check for water in the fuel tank – Use water indicating paste. Spread it tank level stick. Pink indicates no water, but it turns red when water is present.

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