OVN: Generator Maintenance and Supplier

OVN has specialised in Diesel Generator Sales, Installation and Repair since 1949. The second area where we stand out is the field of  water, installing and maintaining pumps and water treatment units for our customers. We have provided air conditioning for organisations that are looking to become eco friendly. We also specialise in facility management segment where we take over the management of the entire building and keep it running smoothly so that our customers can focus on their core competencies.

Quality Generators

It is a big responsibility being one of the top industrial generators manufacturers in India. We have to maintain quality and be answerable to our clients for our generators. Our customers receive full support from our team for the maintenance and repair of these units. We also rent out our generators and give our customers the option to buy them at the end of the rental period for a nominal amount. Since we provide complete solutions, our customers need not look elsewhere for any of the generator related services because we do everything for them. 


Water Solutions

Our service related to pumps and valves provides customers with water pumping solutions suited to their needs. Often, they use our generators sets also so they get the benefit of both services. It is right to trust the best DG set manufacturers in the country to supply the pumps for their water pumping solution. We are the authorised dealer for Wilo Mather and Platt pumps, which are highly efficient pumps.

Eco Friendly Air Conditioners

OVN is the authorised distributor of Yanmar Gas powered Air Conditioners in India. This adds another feather to our cap the first being a diesel generator manufacturer in India. It is a fact that Yanmar air conditioners reduce your electricity consumption bill by 90% a fact that many people find hard to believe until they witness it first-hand. The huge savings in electricity is because we use piped gas instead of electricity for powering the air conditioner. This also helps reduce the size of the genset. This option is also environment-friendly because the emission of gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide is reduced from coal powered plants and inefficiencies of transmission is also reduced.

Facility Management

Among other things, one of the fastest growing businesses is the facility management business. In this, we take up the facility management of big organisations and help maintain and run the facility. The organization will be free to take care of its business while we handle the entire operations of maintenance and repairs for it.

We have a swathe of top-tier clients in India including Indian Oil, Hero, Havells, and Hindustan Times among others. Power and pumping partners to many of them, OVN is one of the top genset manufacturer, remains committed to the goal of utmost customer satisfaction and top quality performance all the time.

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