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Mobile Light Towers

Trusted by over 15,000 customers, OVN (Trading Engineers Est. 1949) is the leading complete solution provider for Power and Water for over 70 years. We specialize in ​Sales, Installation and Servicing of Generators, Light Towers, Electrical Panels, Rooftop Solar, Water Pumps and Facility Management​.

We offer a wide range of Generators ranging from 10 to 2,250 kVA to suit all your needs and take pride in providing ​24×7 after sales service on all our products through 6 regional offices. We have over 3,000 AMCs of Generators and Electrical panels throughout NCR and India

Our motto is to build lifetime relationships with our customers and always prioritize their needs. With our vast experience and expertise, OVN delivers quality and quantity on time, every time!

  • High efficiency Japanese Engine with 500 hr service interval
  • 75(HID) /120 (LED) Hour continuous running capability with 120 Liter fuel tank
  • 8 meter high adjustable mast with 359 degree rotation

OVN has engineered its light towers for construction and mining applications in countries like India, Nigeria, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, Peru, USA, etc. These light towers use highly efficient Yanmar Engines from Japan. These Engines have great fuel efficiency, reliability and long service intervals, especially useful at remote sites. The Light Tower also comes with an intelligent controller to help its operators with problems.

The Light towers help our customers increase their efficiency and worker safety at the sites. They can be easily towed anywhere and are made to withstand the harshest conditions at your sites. The light towers also have an electrical point to attach another light tower or for welding, etc. They Tower can rotate 360 degrees and the 4 lights can be switched on and off individually.

Some Applications of the light towers: Road Construction, Building Construction, Mining, Emergency applications, cement plants, Metro Construction, Pipe laying, Events, etc.

There are 2 models available:

(a) 4X1000 Watts Metal Halide Lamps with fuel consumption of 1.6L per hour

(b) 4X280 Watts LED Lamps with fuel consumption of 1L per hour

Both have a 120 liter fuel tank and can run upto 75 hours non stop.

The Yanmar Engine needs to be serviced every 500 Hours.

OVN is foremost a service organization and we make sure we take care of the product we sell throughout its life. OVN is also an authorized service and parts provider of Yanmar Engines.

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Our customers focused approach makes sure we give the best 24×7 service, which is unmatched in the industry. This approach lets our customers focus on their work without having to worry about their power backup needs.

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