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Natural Gas Generator

World Class Latest Technology Product:

Our Gas Generating Sets offer the best fuel economy, best warranty terms and lowest cost of maintenance thereby proving to be the most economical power solution. With the superior designed engine and world class Technology alternator, the generator come equipped with Chroma-Ator generator controller for ease of use and monitoring generator performance.

Silent, Compact, and light weight:

The Chroma-Ator and NATURALGas Genset are smaller and lighter than any other natural gas Gensets set in its class, thus giving you the advantage of optimizing your valuable space

Lowest operating costs:

All elements of the Chroma-AtorNATURALGas Genset are designed from the start to work together to maximize efficiency, even at part loads, thus offering you the advantage of the lowest operating costs.

200 KVA NATURAL Gas Generator-

Model CA 200
Prime Power Rating KVA 200
Output Voltage and Frequency 415 Volts, 50 Hz
Power Factor 0.8 (lag)
No. of phases 3-Phase


1. Engine:-

Type Spark Plug Ignition
Layout(inline/V) Turbo Charged
Working principal Four-Stoke
Bore (mm) 126
Stoke (mm) 155
No. of cylinder 6
Piston Speed 8.0 m/sec
Engine displacement 11.596
Type of fuel NATURAL Gas
Rated Speed (RPM) 1500
Frequency 50
Max no Load speed(RPM) 1575
Compression ratio (with Tolerance) 11.6:1
Max. Dry Weight Kg 1236
Max. Wet Weight Kg 1150
Coolant heat output Kw 197.03
Exhaust gas heat output (cooled to 120

°C) Kw

Flywheel housing SAE1

2. Cooling System:

Type Liquid Cooled
Nature of liquid and proportion Water: Coolant (50:50)
Circulating Pump Yes
Circulating Pump Type Centrifugal
Max top tank Temperature 100

3. LubricatingSystem:

Type Forced Lubrication
Minimum Oil Pressure 1
Maximum Oil Pressure 8
Maximum oil temperature 125
Oil sump capacity low 20
Oil sump capacity high 35
Total system oil capacity 38
Lubricating oil grade SAE 15W40 CH4


4. Air intakesystem:

Air filter Type Dry type

5. Electricals:

Governor (Type) Electronic
Stater Motor (Type / Voltage) Positive engagement/24V

6. Alternator:-

  • – Self-excited, selfregulated
  • – Class „H‟insulation
  • – Salient pole revolving field,Synchronous
Voltage Regulation + 1%
Insulation Class H
Voltage 415
Frequency 50Hz
Rotor Dynamically balanced

General Specification

For operation on NATURAL
Gas Methane Number MN >91
Low heat Value(LHV) 8700Kcal/Sm3
Min. Methane 91%
Intake airtemp. Max 50
NOx <500 MG / M3N

Gas Supply –

  Pressure Reducing Valve

Genset controller:

Chroma-Ator microprocessor-based integrated generator set for remote monitoring, metering, protection and control system with built-in torque matched Volts/Hz overload control.

Design & Scope of Supply:

  • The alternator is single bearing
  • The gensetis connected to the base frame by means of elastic variation damping
  • The base frame is installed on rubber
  • If the delivered goods are to be used outside of our scope or supply Chroma-Ator is not responsible legal and other requirements / Regulation applicable at the place of

Minimum Requirements to Gas Quality forChroma-Ator Natural Gas Engines

Parameter Symbol Value Unit Remarks
Methane number MZ > 91
Calorific value Hu,N > 5 kWh / Nm³
Chlorine content Cl < 80 mg / Nm³CH4 Chlorine as volatile compound
Fluorine content F < 40 mg / Nm³CH4 Fluorine as volatile compound
Total-Fluorine- Chlorine (Cl,F) < 80 mg / Nm³CH4
Dust content < 5 m < 10 mg / Nm³CH4
Oil vapour < 400 mg / Nm³CH4 no condensation in whole suction part
Volatile organic compoun ds VOC < 25 mg / Nm³CH4 by higher VOC content consult Chroma-Ator
Silicon content x1 Si < 2 mg / Nm³CH4 by higher silicon content consult Chroma-Ator
Sulphur content S < 200 mg / Nm³
Hydrogen sulphide H2S < 150 / < 228 ppm / mg / Nm³ by higher hydrogen sulphide content consult Chroma- Ator
Ammonia content NH3 < 40 / < 30 Ppm / mg / Nm³
Relative humidity < 60 % no condensation in the whole suction part
Temperature gas mixer outlet TG 10 < TG < 30  

° C

Silicon may occur in engine oil as a constituent of additives (antifoaming agents). Silicon can, however also get into the engine oil in the form of dust due to inadequate filtering of theair. For this reason, the silicon concentration in the gas must always be assessed together withthe oil analyses. High silicon concentrations in the engine oil may, depending on whether they occurinorganicorinorganicform,leadtoincreasedwearandtearoncomponents.Iftheengine oil has a high silicon content the content of elements causing wear and tear – iron, chromium and aluminum – must be assessed too.We generally recommend that the gas be analyzed every six months.

If gas composition changes from time to time regular analyses of the gas and the engine oil will be necessary to ensure reliable operation.

If the limits are exceeded the engine must be switched off and Chroma-Ator must be consulted.

If the engine is kept in operation within admissible limits the warranty for the engine will become null and void.

Chroma-Ator assumes no warranty for deficiencies and/or defects/damage (corrosion, impurities, wear and tear etc.) resulting from the use of gases and substances which were not known and agreed when the Sale was concluded.

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