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Retrofit Pollution Control Device for Diesel Generators

OVN in partnership with Pi Green Innovations brings filterless technology for Particulate Matter (PM) reduction for Diesel Generators to market in North India. This patented technology helps in reduction of Particulate Matter levels by over 90%. We have different models to cover Generators from 50 KVA to 6,000 KVA.

No Filter. Pure Technology

OVN installation at Hero MotoCorp Plant at Andhra Pradesh

PM reduction in Diesel Generators is mandated by law in the States of Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, etc. Letter of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee on retrofitting of pollution control devices in Diesel Generators over 125 KVA is attached here for reference:

Features and Specifications:

Sizes available: 50 KVA to 6,000 KVA

Particulate matter reduction: 75-90%

Backpressure: <10kPA (negligible impact on engine)

By Product: Soot (Reused to produce ink)

Maintenance: Extremely low compared to competition

No Manual Intervention: Automatic startup with DG

No Periodic ash cleaning required

Cost effective solution

It uses the operating principle of electrostatic precipitation


Jaggery Unit Installation

About Pi Green:

Pi Green Innovations is Cleantech Company founded in 2019.

They have patents granted in USA, UK, China, the European Union and Singapore with grants pending in Japan and India with a positive PCT in 152 countries. Our revolutionary innovation is rated as One of the Best Technologies Globally to reduce Air Pollution, at Smogathon 2018, Poland.

Pi Green has also been selected as a solution partner of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for their initiatives to fight air pollution in India and globally.

Pi Green has won Climate Solver Award by World Wildlife Federation (WWF) 2019.

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