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Waste Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment

Effluent Treatment

Effluent Treatment

Please do contact us to find out which solution suits you the best and always remember to get your water tested by a third party lab before selecting any solution for your requirement.

Water is one of the most important resources on the planet and is required by us for everyday tasks and processes. The human body is up to 60% water, and we cannot function without it. The underground water level is reducing day by day in Delhi NCR and most major cities in India. This is because of overuse of water and not enough reuse of our precious resource.

Wth most STP’s and ETP’s not working properly, not only do we waste water, we contaminate other sources of water with this waste water. With India’s population increasing at an alarming rate the wastewater is also at an alltime high. It has become imminent to manage wastewater in India through wastewater treatment plants for future generations to survive and have a healthy lifestyle. 

Thermax has more than 45 years of industry expertise in providing innovative solutions and best customer experience for meeting water and wastewater treatment needs. Thermax is one of the leading wastewater treatment plant manufacturers in the country.

Our presence spans over 20,000 installations across various sectors like residential, commercial, hospitality and industries such as food & beverages, textile, pharma, automobile, steel, power, chemical, fertilizer, oil & gas and petrochemicals.

We, at OVN take it up as our responsibility to help India become more sustainable. OVN brings you state of the art technology by partnering with Thermax to ensure that our future generations have a bright future. OVN has over 70 years experience in water projects. 

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