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Water Treatment Chemicals

OVN brings to you Thermax’s Specialty Chemicals. It serves customers across the globe including developed markets.

Thermax is one of Asia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of ion exchange resins and a pioneer wastewater and water treatment chemicals.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, in-depth knowledge of customer requirements, installation and excellent after sale service, OVN can help improve processes through customized and cost – effective solutions.

Our Offerings:

Ion exchange resins for softeners

RO membrane treatment chemicals

Cooling water treatment chemicals


Efficient microbes

Boiler water treatment chemicals

Fuel and fire side additives

RO Membrane Treatment Chemicals

Ion exchange resins for softeners – With receding groundwater levels and its increasing use for domestic as well as commercial needs, water hardness has

Become a menace. With the help of Thermax’s Tulsion range of ion exchange resins, water hardness can be removed Effectively. User friendly and long lasting, these resins Cartridges can be easily installed and replaced in softeners. With Tulsion softener resins, getting soft and potable water is no longer a hassle.

RO membrane treatment chemicals – Untreated feed water to reverse osmosis systems can result in scaling and fouling on membrane surface.

This reduces throughput, impacts membrane performance and calls for unwarranted downtime and membrane cleaning. Application of RO membrane chemicals ensures reliable output, improved recovery, protects membrane from damages and accelerates reverse osmosis.

Cooling water treatment chemicals – We provide custom – made cooling water solutions mitigate the impact of corrosion, scaling and fouling in closed and open cooling water circuit.

Polyelectrolyte’s – Our water and wastewater chemical solutions are specifically aimed to meet the challenges of influential and effluent water in urban segments. OVN can provide an extensive range of polyelectrolyte’s (coagulants and flocculants) in both liquid and powder form. The Maxfloc series of polyelectrolyte’s are applied for effective solid – liquid separation such as:

    1. Raw water clarification in raw water treatment plant
    2. Sludge de-watering in sewage treatment plant
    3. De-oiling in effluent treatment plant

Efficient microbes – To adhere to stringent pollution control board norms for effluent discharge, Thermax has developed efficient microbes in its Biotech R&D lab for effluent treatment plant. This product is a blend of selected strains of microbes and fall under MAX-GREEN range of products. Efficient microbes speed up the natural reduction of pollutants which is useful in accomplishing many positive environmental objectives. Solid reduction, reduced BOD, COD and increase in MLSS are some of the benefits of

using MAXGREEN EMBC in wastewater treatment.

Application in various systems

  1. Activated Sludge Process (ASP)
  2. Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  3. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  4. Lagoon process
  5. Extended aeration
  • Boiler water treatment chemicals – Necessity for maximum operating efficacy, optimal fuel

and water consumption have added new dimensions to modern boiler water treatment solutions. Managing the feed, boiler and condensate water with the right water treatment chemicals is essential in extending the life of both the boiler and associated equipment, while effectively controlling corrosion, scaling and fouling.


OVN offers Maxtreat range of Boiler Water Chemicals which include

  1. Volatile and non – volatile oxygen scavengers including non carcinogenic oxygen scavengers
  2. Condensate protection programs
  3. All volatile treatment programs
  4. Phosphate programs, sludge conditioners
  5. Anti-foam, pH boosters
  6. Online des calants, off line cleaning chemicals
  7. NSF certified products for potable applications

Fuel and fireside additives – Sooting (Fouling), clinkering and formation of other combustion deposits are common occurrences in boilers and incinerators. The adhesive properties of un burnt carbon results in the formation of incombustible solids on the heat

transfer surfaces, resulting in poor heat transfer, reduced overall efficiency and increase in fuel consumption.

Thermosol and Thermomix/Economic series of fuel and fireside additives are formulation of combustion catalysts, dispersants, oxidizing agents, propellants, oxidizers and special additives in balanced quantities that helps in ensuring proper combustion, reduction in clinker formation, increase in heat transfer and reduction in corrosion.

Please do contact us for your requirement for chemicals and AMCs of your equipment.

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