A Complete Guide to Importance and Process of Water Treatment

A Complete Guide to Importance and Process of Water Treatment

Water impacts all facets of life on earth. Without it, there would be no oxygen to breathe for animals, no vegetation on land, no changes in climate and rainfall and many more aspects. Water is thus a vital natural resource. It is the second necessary substance for survival on earth, apart from air.

The majority of the earth (70%) is covered by water and the oceans hold 97% of these water resources. The latter is saline and not safe for drinking. Only 3% of the water is fresh and potable. Even one-third of this water is stored as polar ice caps and icebergs. Thus, there is very little groundwater and surface water.

The water deemed as surface water and groundwater are found in lakes, ponds, rivers and underground. However, there is a burgeoning of development activities all around the world which is contaminating these valuable water resources.

Hazardous substances and harmful chemicals are polluting water systems. Currently, it is not safe to directly use the water from lakes, rivers or wells as they contain contaminants, pathogens, and microorganisms. These have an adverse impact on the health of animals, plants, and humans. These results have generated the need for water treatment like that by water treatment plant manufacturers.

What Is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is growing more and more important because of the low quality of water in our cities. The human body comprises 60% of water. Therefore, the availability of good quality, potable water is becoming crucial.

Water Treatment is the process of removing unwanted materials, chemicals, odors from the water to make it fit for drinking, boilers, bathing, etc. 

The OVN is aware of the need for treating water. It takes pride in partnering with a global leader like Thermax for high-quality solutions. It provides water solutions only after the water is tested by third-party labs. It does this in order to know what should be removed from the water and what doesn’t. After knowing what the quality of water is, at the source, the company can provide different water treatment systems, tailor-made to the needs of customers, to render the water safe for consumption, using long-lasting, high-quality equipment for water filtration.

The company Thermax has over 45 years of experience in the industry to offer innovative solutions and excellent customer experience for serving the needs of water treatment and water filtration. They are one of the best water treatment companies in India. The presence of Thermax spans over 20,000 installations across numerous sectors like commercial, hospitality, residential and industries like textile, food and beverage, pharma, textiles, steel, automobile, chemical, power, petroleum, oil and gas and fertilizer.

As for OVN, it has an experience of over 70 years in water projects and water pumping. OVN ensures 100% satisfaction in selling, installing and delivering after-sales services. With special focus on services, OVN provides one among the best water treatment services to customers.

OVN offers 4 main kinds of water treatment Solutions. Such Solutions can be used by themselves or in combination based on quality of water at source and that for use in consumption.

Reverse Osmosis

RO plants used for water treatment systems are used mainly to reduce TDS in water. The Auto Softener Filter-PuriSmart is a totally automatic softener and skid mounted filter plant. It gets rid of the TDS in water by Reverse Osmosis. It is compact, sleek, and designed especially for apartments and bungalows.

LoFlow RO has been fashioned and standardised for producing drinking water at various rates of flow. The water can be used for commercial and for residential use.

LoFlo Ro are modular and compact, easily installed, operated and serviced and has the option of online monitoring of water quality. Also available are automation options. Standard capacities are 3000, 2000, 1000, 750, 500, 300 and 200 cabinated LPH and 3000 and 2000 LPH that is non-cabinated.

Another type of RO plant is SIRO. This RO separates minerals and dissolved solids from water. An innovative and dedicated RO controller, SIROLOGIC, developed for this product enables pump protection from dry running, monitoring of outlet water quality and reduction in interface of operation.

This system enables online monitoring of water quality, has a modular and compact design, has a multi-stage centrifugal pump, pump protection and membrane system and liftable skids. It has standard capacity of 1000 to 12,000 LPH.

The third kind of RO is Smart RO. It is highly automated and versatile RO System to produce drinking water for the urban segment. Source of water for this system is considered as borewell with TDS of less than 1500 ppm.

This system is highly automated with microprocessor-based controller. It is easy to operate and install. It has a compact design with option of online flow and pressure monitoring. It comes in capacities like 1200, 600 and 200 LPH.

The fourth kind of RO is SIRO X. The main function of RO is to separate minerals and other dissolved solids from water. This product is perfect for persons who have existing filtration or desire special filters like IRF and ACF.

Even this system enables online monitoring of product water quality, is modular and compact, has multi-stage centrifugal pump as well as membrane and pump protection system. It has standard capacities of 4000 to 12,000 LPH (for 2000 TDS) and 3500 to 10,000 LPH (for 4000 TDS).


Thermax provides highly effective ultrafiltration systems for treating compounds with heavy molecular weight found in surface water. When water is passed via UF plants, they can be sent directly for Reverse Osmosis and recycling. Use of UF water treatment gets rid of Colloidal Silica that harms RO membranes.

UF plants remove colloidal matter, TSS, substances with high molecular weight and bacteria from feed water. It can accomplish low and consistent SDI. It has totally or partially automated systems available based on the needs of customers.

Water Softener Treatment Systems

Such systems are popularly used for reducing the hardness forming molecules like Calcium and Magnesium that precipitate and cause sealing at ambient pressures and temperatures. Softening is a reversible process of ion-exchange where specific ions are exchanged with sodium ions present in the resin group. Currently, Thermax is one among the best water softener manufacturers in the market.

This system has resins with high resistance to mechanical shocks. They have low salt consumption, high capacity of exchange and long life. The closely controlled size of resin beads minimizes loss of pressure. They are easy to install, low maintenance and user-friendly. They have a variety of standard and cost-effective models available. They have rugged design and enhanced aesthetics as well as simple collection and distribution systems. They can be easily upgraded for higher output. They have easy operation and maintenance as well as quick availability.

Water Filtration

Water filtration is the leading effective process to get rid of suspended pollutants by setting up a fine physical barrier. OVN offers a wide range of filters which can be tailor made to specific needs of customers. Wastewater treatment needs filters to treat water and render it good for use in RO systems and domestic use. 

This system is specially designed to get rid of TSS (Total Suspended Solids). It removes iron, odour, colour and FRC (Free Residual Chlorine) in less quantities. 

Iron Removal Filter (IRF) is used to remove iron from water. It is a separate filter. 

In sum, consult companies like OVN to find what solution suits you the best and always get water tested by a third-party lab before selecting the right method of water purification done by water treatment plant manufacturers in India.

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