Best mobile lightening tower manufacturer and generator in India

Best mobile lightening tower manufacturer and generator in India

Trusted by over 15,000 customers, OVN (Trading Engineers Est. 1949) is the leading complete solution provider for Power and Water for over 70 years. We specialize in Sales, Installation and Servicing of Generators, Light Towers, Electrical Panels, Rooftop Solar, Water Pumps and Facility Management.

We offer a wide range of Generators ranging from 10 to 2,250 kVA to suit all your needs and take pride in providing 24×7 after sales service on all our products through 6 regional offices. We have over 3,000 AMCs of Generators and Electrical panels throughout NCR and India.

Our motto is to build lifetime relationships with our customers and always prioritize their needs. With our vast experience and expertise, OVN delivers quality and quantity on time, every time.

  • High efficiency for mobile lighting tower
  • Continuous capability of LED

The Light towers assist our customers increase their competence and worker security at the sites. They can be easily towed wherever and are made to endure the harshest circumstances at your sites. The light towers also have an electrical point to attach one more lightly tower or for welding, etc. They Tower can rotate 360 degrees and the 4 lights can be switched on and off independently.

There are some important Applications of the light towers: Road Construction, Mining, Building Construction, and Emergency applications, cement plants, Metro Construction, Pipe lying, Events, etc.

There are also 2 models available for mobile light tower generator

(a) 4X1000 Watts Metal Halide Lamps as well as fuel consumption of 1.6L per hour

(b) 4X280 Watts LED Lamps and fuel consumption of 1L per hour

Both have a 120 liter fuel tank as well as can run up to 75 hours nonstop.

OVN is leading a service association and we make sure we take care of the manufactured goods we sell throughout its life. OVN is also an official service and parts supplier of Yanmar Engines. OVN is one of the best mobile lighting tower manufacturers in India. The high light production is an easy to operate, self-contained moveable unit. This floodlight tower skin 4 powerful metal halide lights and PMMA high purity optics to bring 440,000 lumens of intense light. A 28 gallon generator also mounted to a steel unibody trailer provides place alone authority for 50 hours on a solitary tank of fuel, allowing operators to keep operational no matter how distant the location. Rugged IP67 rated building designed to withstand the rigors of harsh outside conditions and grueling serious duty use make this light tower an ideal choice for manufacturing applications, building sites, marine use, mining, and crisis services.

The unibody cut features a shaped and fused steel frame, 13″ tires and wheels, a 4-point leveling system, and a foldable language with a reversible 2-inch ball combination/pintle hitch. The 4-point base consists of three descending outriggers each with a drop leg jack (one at the front and one on each flank) and a 1,000lb stabilizing jack related to the tongue. Both are the main stabilizing jack and the outrigger jacks can be physically adjusted to the pet spot using hand cranks. So, you can look towards OVN for the best mobile lighting.

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