Panels and Controls in a Single Generator and Multiple Generator System

Panels and Controls in a Single Generator and Multiple Generator System

We use a generator to convert mechanical power to electrical power for running our devices. These units must have enough features that allow proper control and regulation during operation. In diesel generators, we have a single generator and multiple generator systems. Some uses of a generator are as a backup power for your house or as backup power for a business. You may need it on a construction site or in halls and stadium for conducting music shows.  Here are some salient points of these systems.

 Components of a single generator set –

Mostly, the system components are basic that allows functioning of a generator. At times, it may include complex gadgetry such as networking and remote monitoring. We are one of the best generator sales dealers Delhi has. You can get more details from us.

Generator set – This has the housing for the generator and engine. It also has the operator panel.

Operator panel – This connects you to starting signal switch. This helps to start, run, and monitor activities of both engine and generator.

Automatic transfer control switch – You can control power at the switch panel with this. If there is a significant drop in power, the switch will signal our operator to start the engine.

Switch panel – This distributes power to various circuits.


A situation of power loss –

A series of events gets set into motion when power loss occurs.

  • The operator gets a signal from the automatic transfer switch to start.
  • Generator set starts from the operator panel. This panel monitors generator and engine functioning.
  • Power goes from this generator to the switch panels. As per its design, emergency power gets distributed.
  • When the main power comes back automatic transfer switch disconnects circuit from the generator set. It connects to the main power grid.
  • Now, the operator brings engine run time under control so as to allow it to cool down.

The operator panel comes with every generator set. It provides the interface for controlling engine and generator functions. It helps one operator to control all the working in this generator system. The panel is easy to read and use. He can set controls, alarm, and monitoring. In some of these sets, you also have AC metering along with display unit.

Multiple Generator System –

The components in the multiple generator systems are much the same as that of the single generator system. It has the generator set, control panel, and automatic transfer switch. In addition, we also see the paralleling panels with the control panel. This has circuit breakers, HMI panels, along with switches to distribute power.

At times, we might need emergency power operations. In this case, we use redundant configurations. This means that if we have two generators for main supply and one generator in standby, this standby power gets used for emergencies. This redundant configuration occurs when power loss happens to one of the main generators or it has an active shutdown warning. The emergency generator pairs up with the other main generator to take up the load. When power comes back again, the automatic transfer switch disconnects the generator set. Cool down and shut down operations take place for the standby generators.

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