Power Supply Made Easy

Power Supply Made Easy

Everyone says that having a genset is important for your company. You may have heard of its benefits. However, what exactly is a genset? Let us explore this and see why it is useful.

What is a genset?

A genset is, basically, a machine that converts heat capacity into mechanical energy which, then, converts to electrical energy. It is made of a motor as well as an alternator that are both coupled. Then they are inserted into a base along with many other parts and elements.

These parts and elements are:

  • automatic transfer switch
  • batteries
  • soundproofing
  • fuel tank
  • control panel

Parts of a genset

Let us check out the parts of a genset in detail.

  • Engine:  This is one of the most important components of a genset. It is created with the purpose of giving higher productivity, and better performance. They are built to last, and can brave severe weather conditions as well.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch:This is a with that helps with the alternating between the primary responsible for the alternation between the main source and the auxiliary source, in case the source fails, thus ensuring the continuous supply of energy.
  • Base-frame: This acts as a system for prevention of vibrations. It has a steel frame and it may or may not help to lift the generator. It has a tank that stores the fuel. Its height depends on the amount of fuel that the buyer requires.
  • Soundproof Cabin:This consists of a plate that can is typically made of aluminum, steel, or even stainless steel. The metal would have undergone treatment for anti-corrosion. This makes sure that there is highly efficient flow of air that helps with the cooling of the engine.
  • Control panel: This can be thought of as the brain of the genset. It performs monitoring functions and also protects the gensets.


Uses of a genset

With respect to its use, a genset is typically used as a main power supply source, or even as secondary/auxiliary source that can help respond to any power needs. It is highly efficient and very reliable. No matter what the application, you can use the genset to act as a source of energy. With respect to its operation, the genset is basically composed of a generator. This generator will come to life when there is combustion in the engine, with the assistance of an alternator. A genset can run on several different types of fuels, based on the equipment.  Some of these fuels are:

  • diesel
  • biogas
  • natural gas

Why is a genset important?

A genset is actually a very critical part, or allied weight for any application or design. For instance, if you are designing an industrial project or maybe something in the construction domain, one of the main issues your company will have to manage is making sure that there is a reliable and continuous source of power.

When you are working on such a project, and the power fails, then you can suffer great losses. That is why having a genset is the solution to this common need in the industry. You can easily find a genset of good quality from one of the best industrial genset wholesalers like OVN.

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