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The fire was the first source of energy which was discovered by a human. This marked the beginning of human curiosity. As time passed, people invented as well as discovered many different resources that helped in making the life simpler. In the 16th century AD, a scientist named B. Franklin carried out the experiment to discover the power of electricity. After which many different scientists worked upon to bring the electrical energy into the application. It is necessary to let you know that one can never create energy but can transform their forms. This law was applied to invent the machine called generator. Generators are a type of mechanical device which uses the law of electromagnetic induction and thereby converts mechanical energy into working electrical energy. Today there are several manufacturers and retailers which are present over the market who are dealing in buying and selling of commercial generators. This article will hence describe you with what are commercial generators and what are the 5 common stereotypes that are believed to be true about the commercial generator retailers in delhi. So let’s begin.

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