Varied Uses of Generators – Usefulness of a Diesel Generator

Varied Uses of Generators – Usefulness of a Diesel Generator

Industrial generators help supply electric power for various applications. The capacity of these units changes according to a task it has to handle. This need varies from outdoor camping to standby power for a business to outdoor catering units.

Types of generators

Designed for industrial use, these vary in range from 6 kVa to 1250 kVa. Depending on what drives it, we classify them as:

  1. Petrol
  2. Diesel
  3. Silent Diesel welders
  4. Petrol welders
  5. Gas

The capacity of these varies. The range of petrol units lies between 3 kVA and 30 kVA. You can choose your type by consulting your industrial generator suppliers. Michael Faraday discovered the electric generator. The best application of these units is for use in remote locations where there is no electric power. One such instance is a farm in a remote location far from a city and need a reliable power source.

Operating Principle of Generators

These needs an external mechanical motive force that could be a hand operated crank in small applications or a steam driven turbine in large applications. Principle of operation is simpler. When you have a magnetic field in which a conductor is moving, it induces a current in a conductor. We provide mechanical movement and we draw power from the conductor. In a petrol unit, we use petrol to drive.

During times people experience power cuts, they do not have the means to run their ovens, fridges, heaters, and computers. When we have no means of knowing when the electricity will come back, we need a generator. Most of the business owners have one to provide standby power in their enterprise. They need them to run their printers, scanners, computer workstations, and air conditioning units.

Places in Need of a Power Source

For those that live in places where there are inclement weather and severe thunderstorms, use of generators helps ensure enough power during outages. Frequent outages can disrupt work output and efficiency of an organization. It also finds a use in places where one needs energy supply on an infrequent basis such as a construction site. Or, it might be that you need power for a commercial purpose. Most common one used in commercial application is a diesel unit.

We choose a diesel unit for many reasons. First thing is simplicity of operation. Second is that it requires less maintenance. It does not have any oil changes or filter changes associated with the petrol unit. It has a good lifespan and so it supplies dependable power for a long time. Because it is not so easily combustible, it provides a degree of safety that is not there for a petrol unit.

Because of these factors and because a diesel unit is cheaper to operate, most people prefer to use a diesel unit to give them standby power. You see them in operation in exhibitions, cinema halls, music festivals, and celebratory events. Also, diesel is freely available so you can get as much as you need and use it for your generator.

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