Easy Ways to Reuse Water

Easy Ways to Reuse Water

A report was released by UN in 2010 which stated that domestic water consumption makes up to 8% of the total global water use which means that our apartments are solely generating about 8% of the total water used globally.

Though it is important nowadays for people to save water and reduce wastewater, reusing it is also equally important. If you want to have sufficient water for use, the best and sensible option is to reuse it. And the reusing method can range from simple and easy home methods to sophisticated industrial wastewater filtration systems. You will find various wastewater treatment plants to make wastewater worth use.

As wastewater management is important to save water, here are a few ways you can use to reuse wastewater:

  1. Agricultural wastewater reuse– One of the easiest ways to reuse the wastewater is to use it for agricultural purposes. You can use the wastewater for watering the landscaped gardens and lawns. You can also use it to irrigate fruits and vegetable nurseries or flower and fence bushes. But make sure that you are using a specific quantity of this water after checking the containment levels of it for your crops. If not taken care of the containment level, it could harm animals and humans both.
  2. Redirecting drain water/ Grey wastewater systems– Grey water basically means the wastewater that is coming from non-toilet plumbing fixtures like showers, basins, and taps from domestic household use. This type of waster is slightly used but doesn’t come in contact with feces and do contains some elements of household cleaning products, grease, hair, food, and dirt.

The reusing method for such types of water includes the diversion of wastewater from the drainage sinks and washing machines to a grey water collection system. This water can be used for cleaning cars, veranda or doormats. After the treatment for reuse, it can also be used for watering grass.

  1. Recycling dirty aquarium water– We all know that the aquariums at our homes need to get their water changed on frequent intervals in order to get rid of excess toxic materials and waste dissolved in it so that the fishes don’t get harmed. Instead of wasting that water and throwing it, you can use it for agricultural purposes like watering the plants at your home, vegetable nurseries or lawn gardens.

This water is good for plants because it contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, ammonium, and other microorganisms that act as a natural fertilizer.

  1. Trap rainwater– Collecting rainwater is another easy way to reuse water. As compared to other wastewaters, rainwater is considered to safe and clean. This water can be used for watering plants, washing clothes, cleaning your home and for many other purposes.

Looking at the present situations and the reducing level of water, it has become necessary to reuse water. There are many simple ways of using wastewater in order to save it for our future and never run out of one of our essential needs.

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