Why OVN for Generator After Sales Service And Maintenance?

Why OVN for Generator After Sales Service And Maintenance?

Your requirement to buy a generator set for your commercial requirement or domestic requirement doesn’t end up with buying a DG set. Actually here the need for a reliable and trusted after-sales service team comes in. there are many companies which offer a world-class pre-sales service but when it comes to maintenance and servicing post sales, they lag in this sector and the customer has to face issues which directly affects his business. OVN is one of the generator dealers in Delhi who has earned a reputed name for their after sales service.

Let us know what makes OVN stand apart when it comes to post-sales servicing and maintenance of DG sets.

  • We are just a call away- our customer service helpline is open 24X7 to support our customers. We understand your requirement to continuous power for your business or home and therefore we keep our technicians ready to solve your problem. No matter when you require our service, be it a public holiday or a mid-night requirement, we will reach you in no time.
  • We respond to the stimuli- depending on the nature of the requirement, we frame our core team of engineers and technicians to reach you in the shortest period of time and attend your issue. In recent times it has been impossible to work without power, be it your house or office or any commercial space. Power has become an inevitable part of our society. Therefore we take minimum time to attend the issues at hand and ensure the smooth running of your business.
  • Best in quality spare parts- after sales service also include changing old parts with new and this can be a costly affair if you do not seek help from a local service provider. Normally these generators are produced abroad and they are bought to you by national dealers. This incurs transportation cost. But when you require a spare part for your machinery it is important to cover your machinery for annual maintenance form a local company which will lower the cost of spare parts to nominal. Easy and local availability of spare parts also encourages the smooth running of the machine thus not affecting your business at large. OVN is a service provider of generator maintenance in Delhi and is also located in other parts of the county which makes them the first choice when it comes to after-sales service.
  • We are located near you- with every increase in the customer base, OVN has expanded its boundaries in the different parts of the country to provide instant help to its customers. OVN has a customer base all over India and despite operating from Delhi, their headquarters, they have set up an office for engineers and technicians to every nearby location to their customer base. They also promise to expand further and promise to set up one office every year to meet customer requirement. This will help them to reduce response time. They are currently located in parts of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana respectively.
  • Your every money count- we understand your value for money and therefore bring to you, products and services at a relatively lower price. This is possible as OVN directly purchase machinery and spare parts from the manufacturer and there is no involvement of middle man which makes the process smoother and cost-effective.

Therefore choose OVN for an after-sales service and maintenance services and register for their AMC program and get a free health check for your machinery from our expert engineers.

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