Industrial Generators for Power Supply

Industrial Generators for Power Supply

Electric generators are life-saving devices that help you by supplying power when there is an outage. You can use these generators in remote locations where we do not have access to electric power.

 Power backup facility –

Most common use of an electric power generator is to provide backup power for the house. For some people, electric power is indispensable. They need the power throughout the day because they work with devices that consume electric power. Any disruption will stop their work and it will disrupt their work output.

You can buy industrial generators for backup power for your production unit. Domestic users use the generator for the same purpose, only the scale is different. When you have contract work undergoing in your project, the use of generators helps them to complete the work in time. Without these generators, the contractors will not complete the work in time. They will not get paid. This will lead to problems for the workers.


Need for power on farms –

Some of the places like farms need generators. There is no regular power grid in some of the remote areas. This is where you normally have the farm and when the power supply fails, the work involving electric power will stop. A lot of the equipment at the farm runs on electric power such as the motors that pump water. In the urban areas, when a large event like a meeting is underway, there must always be standby power waiting. If this is not the case then a sudden outage will result in chaos. People will become disorganised and confusion will prevail. If you can switch on the alternative power supply in time, then the event will proceed uninterrupted.

The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by using the principle of Faraday for magnetic induction. Here you have a constant magnetic field in which there is a moving conductor. This conductor experiences electric current flow through it due to the inductive property. When this happens on a large scale, you have the generator. Industrial generators find a use in industries. The requirement of power is huge and there are generators that supply power in ranges spanning from 6 kVa to 1250 kVa. You have canopied and open types of industrial generators along with a range of optional features needed to serve the industry that uses this generator. Usually, the mechanical energy is provided by a water or steam turbine.


Types of generators –

We classify the electromagnetic generators into two broad categories – dynamos and alternators. Dynamos produce a direct current through the use of a commutator. Alternators produce alternating current. Since all the electrical devices in the house use alternating current, this is the type of generator we need. From the physical point of view, the generator has a moving part called the rotor and a stationary part called the stator.

We find generators used in football stadiums and places where huge games are underway. This is to power the electric lights there and to help provide the needed power for the other devices they use such as freezers and fridges.

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