Ready to Buy Industrial Generators-Compare between Natural Gas and Diesel Generators

Ready to Buy Industrial Generators-Compare between Natural Gas and Diesel Generators

Whenever large generators are concerned the dilemma that every industry faces is that whether they should buy industrial generators that have long been in the business means Diesel generators or should they shift to Natural gas generators which have recently entered the market. Till now it was a conventional thought that diesel generators are less costly affair and can be trusted though they do produce a lot of noise and mess and natural gas generators will be a costly affair, but yes they are silent and clean. Now days with advent of many technologies and improvements made by the manufacturers the distinguishing line is diminished.

Comparison between natural gas and diesel generators

Here let’s dissect the two types of generators so that when you go to an industrial generator distributor in Delhi, you know what your requirement is and can choose wisely.

  • Engine: Conventionally it was thought that whenever power, reactiontime and durability is concerned diesel engine is the go to name and natural gas is just an environmental friendly generator. Natural Gas engines have been improved and enhanced over time by the manufacturers the RPM has been optimised so that the response time of these spark ignited engines is similar to that of diesel. If you are thinking to buy industrial generators then there are some natural gas variants which also gives 10 second start-up for backup which was till now associated with diesel engine only.
  • Longevity: If the longevity is concerned than still diesel engines are the ones that hold the fort. Though the longevity of natural gas engines has also improved over the years due to various enhancements that have been made in the design and working pattern of the engine. If you require generator for just backup and is not frequently used then natural gas variant is a good option.
  • Cost: Whenever cost is considered then it is said that diesel is less expensive in comparison to natural gas designs. But it is not the same anymore, natural gas manufacturers are already using less expensive tag to promote themselves as the price of natural gas is less in comparison to diesel right now. These days industrial generators distributor in Delhi is seen touting the benefits of natural gas models to the customers.
  • Environmental friendly: Diesel engines when operational do make a lot of noise and spill the fuel in the nearby area. If effect of the design is to be seen according to the impact on the nature, by far natural gas generators are the winners. But even the manufacturers of diesel engines are providing various solutions to minimise the effect on the environment.

This is just an outline of the differences in the both. The manufacturers of both the types are bringing in new and advanced versions with solutions for the pervious problems that their generators were facing. Before you buy industrial generators do a thorough study and analyse what your requirement is.

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